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Our Pajamas

Started out of a love for everything comfy-cozy and rooted in a deep desire to minimize our environmental impact, Riot Theory sleepwear consists of classic styles that have been thoughtfully designed with your sleep, the environment, and those who inhabit it in mind. 

Our fabric is a sustainable rayon from bamboo and spandex blend. Although it's an expensive fabric, it will stand the test of time when treated well. Our pricing reflects ethical wages, sustainable fabrics, and quality that lasts. When you invest in sustainable pieces, you support those who create your garments and the environment.

Our materials are responsibly sourced from around the world with the lowest impact, and highest opportunity for environmental innovation. Bamboo is the fastest growing tree in the world and naturally produces a bio-agent that allows it to flourish in the wild without the use of pesticides. Our pieces are dyed in bluesign certified facilities to eliminate harmful substances from the start of the manufacturing cycle.

Our manufacturing team pays their team 15% more than the industry average, and offer competitive medical and pension packages. They are employed in permanent roles and not on a project by project basis. Their team of over 80% women take on leadership roles and are continually given opportunities to further their development. 

To help preserve nature, materials and practices are introduced that prevent the use of harmful toxins, destructive pesticides, and excessive water and energy consumption at the production level. Rainwater and recycled water are harvested during the production of our pieces in order to help preserve the world's clean drinking supply. Our team values responsible water treatment programs that prevent destruction to aquatic life. Renewable wind energy is also used to power machines and conserve energy levels throughout production.

Did we mention our polybags are USA BPI compostable? What that means is that they much reach 90% or higher biodegration within 180 days. You can dispose of our polybags in your food and yard waste bin!

We've created classic styles that have been thoughtfully designed with your sleep, the environment, and those who inhabit it in mind. All of our pieces are shipped to you in compostable and recyclable packaging to avoid the use of plastics. We hope you love them as much as we do!