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Our Team

Riot Theory is a women run and operated company out of Langley, BC. Founded by Samantha (right) in 2017, Riot Theory originally started as a passion project after she completed University. In 2019, Riot Theory relaunched in to sustainable and ethically made sleepwear. Three months after the launch, Covid hit. Fears of what the future would hold was put aside as PJ’s started selling faster than ever. As the business quickly grew, Samantha brought on Amy (left), who had a background in manufacturing and operations. Together, the two signed contracts with Jillian Harris and multiple wholesale agencies, making 2020 their best year to date.

Samantha and Amy met in fashion school in 2012 and quickly became close friends. After graduating, Samantha continued her education while honing her retail, marketing & styling skills by working for local fashion retailers. Amy began a career in the Vancouver apparel industry where she fell in love with all things production. Samantha & Amy have been through many milestones together & continue to hold each other accountable and cheer each other on both personally and professionally. (Samantha even met her fiancé through Amy!).

Find out more about the duo behind your favourite PJ's below!



Director + Founder

Favourite restaurant in Langley?

There are way too many too choose from - but recently I've been really in to Bench in Fort Langley. They have the greatest tapas menu and their pasta's are amazing. Amy and I both LOVE their lemon pasta (if you're reading this, Bench, bring that pasta back!)

Something I'm really in to right now is...

TikTok! The pandemic got a lot of people in to bread making but for me it was skincare and TikTok. 

My dream vacation would have to be... 

I don't think I can pick just one! The next trip I can't wait for (when we can travel again) is Italy for my dad's 65th birthday. I'm so excited to spend time with family, sip wine, and cook pasta in an Italian Villa. BUT, my dream destination would be the Maldives! It was my ultimate honeymoon destination but with the pandemic we'll be putting it on hold until its safe to travel again.

Favourite local shop?

I think Amy would say this too, but Bella and Wren in Fort Langley! We make dates out of going to browse and to pick up our favourite go-to items. But, I can't forget Floralista either.

My favourite thing about Amy is...

How we fit like two peas in a pod! We are so alike in so many ways, and in the ways we differ we completely balance each other out. She has a kind soul, the most caring heart, and she's someone I know I can count on completely. Most of all, she makes me laugh until my stomach hurts!



Chief Operations Officer

Favourite restaurant in Langley?

My long time favourite is a cozy Thai place called Ban Chok Dee in downtown Langley – amazing Thai food! Current favourite, is The Bench in Fort Langley for their delicious tapas & wine.

Something I'm really into right now is...

Given the world we’re living in right now, I’m very much into all things cozy - Curling up with a good book/podcast/binge worthy show, a glass of red & my Shiba, Luna for dog snuggles!

My dream vacation would have to be...

To see my Husband's family in Austria! I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. We’ve had to cancel our trip twice due to the pandemic, so I can’t wait to make that dream happen!

Favourite local shop?

The Heart in Cloverdale! I love that Annie’s shop has a focus on local brands & her insta stories are always fun to watch & engaging.

My favourite thing about Samantha is...

Samantha is Authenticity - Have you ever had one of those friendships that made you feel like everything was ‘right’ in your life? That’s who Sam is to me.  She is without a doubt, my go-to person for a dose of reality and comfort, with a side of sarcasm and hilarity.



Logistics Coordinator / The Mom

Where would any of us be without our mom? Suzanne is Samantha’s mom, and one of the most important members of our team! From shipping your orders to handling all of our bookkeeping, Suz does it all when we can’t. We owe so much of our success to her and her support.